The iMakeNews e-Newsletter Communications Platform

Grow your business using IMN’s powerful yet affordable, easy-to-use e-newsletter platform. In a few steps, you can create and distribute a highly professional e-newsletter as an email, Web page, and RSS feed. Our unique tracking tools help you learn what customers care about most and get closer to them.

IMN has pioneered Informative Marketing™, an approach to electronic communications that is based on the continuous measurement of subscriber responses to content for an improved return on investment. With the distribution of permission-based email, IMN provides content that is both valued and expected; and is conveyed through cutting-edge web-based technology. Most importantly, however, IMN’s unique analytics system allows its users to fully track the success of their campaigns, and ultimately decide what works best.

IMN Email Marketing Illustration

IMN Metrics: “The more you use it, the smarter you get”

IMN’s Reporting and Analytics system delivers meaningful metrics that include, but go far beyond, open rates to demonstrate program performance and accountability. In addition to standard send, delivery, open and bounce rates, IMN’s unique e-marketing process will track how long customers spend with your e-publication, which articles gain the most attention, and which are passed on to colleagues and friends. You can begin to segment audiences by content interests and then customize subsequent versions according to their various topic preferences.

HTML Email Newsletters (and more)

Within hours, one person can publish and distribute an IMN HTML email newsletter and save thousands of dollars on paper, printing, and postage. Our flexible format templates make it easy to create professional, branded e-newsletters as well as e-invites, promotions, and employee and sales bulletins. No programming or coding skills are required, and the IMN servers can easily synchronize with your corporate databases and/or CRM platform.

IMN’s state-of-the-art Email Marketing and e-Communications Service includes:

  • Dynamic personalization that lets you precisely tailor content to individual subscribers
  • Easy-to-use templates that require no HTML experience
  • Content and list management tools that allow you to display the information that is most useful to your subscribers
  • Detailed activity and tracking reports that provide valuable insight into your recipient behavior
  • A companion micro-site that provides a multi-layered web page, complete with navigation that automatically captures your e-newsletter content, and dynamically grows with each edition you publish. This is a unique powerful feature.

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