Create New Business

Quality content is critical to retaining and increasing readership and creating new customers. Content reinforces your brand, your company, and your people as trusted advisors. It helps you tell your story while providing all the relevant information your prospects and customers need, letting you focus on building long-lasting, profitable relationships.

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Loyalty DriverĀ®

Loyalty DriverĀ® is a turnkey email newsletter service that combines industry-specific expertise, original content and exceptional service with behavioral targeting.

Content-Driven Newsletters

Build relationships and increase sales productivity with the power of exclusive content, online account access and control, and audio and video. Readers can easily share newsletter content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, driving the viral spread of articles and promotions with the click of a button.

Original Content

Our skilled professional writers deliver a variety of engaging and relevant lifestyle, entertainment, and specialized content. All our writers have domain knowledge in the industry they're writing for, crafting content designed to move your best customers and prospects through the decision-making process.

Strategic Promotions

Loyalty Driver complements content with customer-specific promotions that strike the perfect balance between hard-sell and soft-sell. By combining a recurring email newsletter and timed promotional emails, Loyalty Driver's content-driven approach helps cut through the inbox clutter and allows your brand to stand out.

Automatically Delivered Reports

Backed by a full suite of tracking and analytics, we give you complete insight into which email newsletter articles, promotions, and products are most popular with your audience.

Exceptional Service

At IMN, we do all the heavy lifting. Our editorial staff consistently generates timely, informative content. Our client services group produces, optimizes, and distributes your newsletters. Our experienced operations staff constantly monitors your communications and adjusts for deliverability. When you don't have to worry about these responsibilities, you can focus on what matters: growing your audience while building long-lasting, profitable relationships.