Look Beyond Basics

Attract. Acquire. Engage. It's the battle cry of content marketers — those creating the relevant information your customers rely upon and share. While it sounds like a simple task, creating content that's truly relevant and maintains engagement over time is a challenge.

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Actionable Analytics

In today's market, you have to go beyond click-through and email open rate data. We combine original, relevant content with behavioral data on your audience into actionable analytics, helping you understand when they're in the market for your products and services.

Whether it's monthly sales, leads, or appointments, measuring success across your marketing investments is critical. Our reporting is designed to deliver the granular results you need to identify when customers are in the market, track the entire purchase cycle, and power sales performance.

Identifying the In-Market Customer

Purchase indicators called Warm Call® reports are embedded throughout your Loyalty Driver® newsletters to help you measure each reader’s interest level. Following the delivery of each newsletter, Warm Call reports are automatically generated and sent to each sales representative, providing a 360-degree view of the content of the highest interest to readers and helping initiate follow-up activities.

Warm Call reports provide anytime, anywhere updates on the most promising opportunities and enable representatives to follow up at the touch of a button. Call scripts are included to turn every call into a sale.

Fine-Tuning the Content

Once your newsletter is sent, IMN's tracking and reporting suite begins to analyze your results. IMN's actionable reports allow you to:

  • Monitor delivery and readership statistics
  • Evaluate response rates
  • Determine trends in article popularity
  • Assess which promotions, topics, and products result in measurable customer engagement
  • Provide an overview of all purchase indicators, allowing you to segment your audience for next steps

Every newsletter is designed to be an important part of your strategic communication initiatives, and delivering content is only half the story. Ensuring you have actionable insights to power sales performance is what we guarantee.

The IMN Advantage

At IMN, our editorial team is ready to serve as an extension of your team. They are dedicated to creating content — social content, product articles, lifestyle pieces, and how-to tips for a variety of markets.

It's one of the things that IMN does best. IMN's team comes out of the industries in which you work, they speak your language and know your pain points. IMN's editorial team works as an extension of your own team, building content to entice your customers to keep coming back — in fact, IMN newsletters have an average opt-out rate of less that 1%. Whether it's a blog post, best practices on responding to negative social media posts, or a piece to announce that you're sponsoring a local event, we're here to help you reach your content marketing goals.

IMN relies on highly skilled professional writers, just like those you'd hire yourself to ensure the quality that we expect and you rely upon. Whether you're looking to engage with customers through a newsletter, through social networks, or a combination of both, IMN is your high-impact content partner.