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Direct Selling

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Every day direct selling organizations join together with their consultants to create opportunities and fulfill dreams. Success is based on a shared passion and strong personal relationships. The challenge lies in creating consistent excitement and maintaining relationships while protecting your brand and core value proposition. Our content-driven email marketing program, Loyalty Driver®, helps both startup and established direct selling companies increase recruiting, parties, sales, and customer retention.

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A consistent brand image is critical for franchisors, but your franchisees need to maintain a sense of individuality and connect to their local communities and customer bases. Loyalty Driver® for Franchise is the digital marketing solution for helping multi-unit franchise brands acquire, retain, and engage customers.

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Building and maintaining fruitful relationships is challenging in today's on-demand culture. Loyalty Driver® for Banking is the digital marketing solution for independent regional and community banks. Our turnkey email marketing service saves you time and keeps your bank top-of-mind with your small business and retail customers.

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Credit Union

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As a not-for-profit member-owned organization, building personal relationships is just as important to you as providing your members with highly competitive rates for loans, mortgages, and savings and checking accounts. Loyalty Driver® for Credit Unions helps you stay in touch with your members so they know you'll be there when they need you.

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Companies serious about connecting with clients and prospects look beyond one-dimensional, hard-sell promotional emails to content that helps customers solve problems and answer questions. iMakeNews® is a self-service solution that empowers marketers to build content-rich email newsletters that strengthen relationships and influence behavior.

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