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Email marketing solution designed to build loyalty with credit union members.

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Engage. Inform. Sell.

High-quality member service is one of the top reasons people choose to entrust their finances to a credit union. Our email marketing service Loyalty DriverĀ® for Credit Unions engages your members and fosters personal relationships through branded email communications offering fresh, relevant content. That content is professionally written, compliant with regulatory standards, and designed to show your members that you'll be there for them when they need you.

Full-Service Support

A dedicated member of our client services team provides your credit union with personalized attention. Our account managers know the financial services industry and can recommend compliant newsletter content that will drive readership and results.

Measurable ROI

Robust analytics measure program performance and allow you to see which social networks your content was shared on.

Member-Focused Newsletters

Each newsletter edition is designed to build relationships with your members through targeted offers and cross-selling opportunities, boosting engagement and retention.

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Track Content Performance Trends

Know which promotions are most popular. See individual subscriber activity, detect interest or buying intent, and output a sales call sheet.

IMN does not share or sell customer email addresses and only communicates to customers on behalf of the credit union.