Self-Service with iMakeNews®

Custom email newsletters that engage customers longer.

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Connect. Inform. Influence.

iMakeNews® is a self-service solution, empowering marketers to build content-rich email newsletters that strengthen relationships and influence behavior. The iMakeNews newsletter platform is ideal for:

  • Customer and prospect newsletters.
  • Internal employee communications.
  • Multi-level vendor/partner communications.
Behavioral Analytics

Turn subscriber data into action. With our behavioral analytics, you can monitor your campaigns quickly and easily, report on multiple mailings at once, and compare your performance with others in your industry. Trending reports allow you to instantly plot and identify trends and outliers across your entire campaign. Choose from over 20 data points to track from issue to issue.


Designed and published for delivery as an email newsletter, iMakeNews creates a companion microsite for every newsletter, encouraging subscribers to click, navigate, and interact with content quickly and easily.

Personalized, Dynamic Content Management

One-size marketing services do not fit all. Your customer base is made up of key segments with unique information preferences and requirements. With an email newsletter, you can personalize your role-based, dynamic content for each targeted segment.

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If you'd prefer to share the task of creating quality, targeted content through a turnkey service, let us know how to reach you and a specialist will contact you!