Loyalty Driver Premier®

Loyalty Driver Premier provides a comprehensive, targeted campaign manager that uniquely combines behavioral data from your IMN newsletter with DMS data to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time...all from a single platform.

Sell More with Targeted Campaigns

Sell them what they need or want:

Your DMS data tells you the car they own. IMN’s behavioral data tells you the car they want. Don’t leave money on the table; sell them what they want before your competitors do.

Customizable Managed Service:

Loyalty Driver Premier can be scaled to fit your needs.

Automated Campaigns:

Campaigns can be setup to run on a schedule or triggered by behavioral data or DMS data.


Don’t get caught in the SPAM filter. Let IMN manage your email campaigns to ensure you reach the inbox.

Closed-Loop (ROI) Reporting:

Shows the sales that each campaign influenced.

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